The Huge Flexibility Of IGNOU, ICFAI And Symbiosis Distance MBA Gives A Freedom To The Students

Published: 10th May 2011
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While working, many people are taking a sincere interest in pursuing a management course. Depending on the stream and field of their work, they are thinking of brushing up their management skills with a small stint in the course while remaining in the job at the same time. The knowledge that is gained by going through the course materials and the assignments of the course helps the students to apply the theories in the real work environment.

Some do it for the hike in pay while some do the courses for the promotions. Whatever might be the impetus of the pursuing of the part time MBAs, the fact still remains that the students and the professionals do get a clear cut advantage from the course. For those interested in going for the part time MBA, they have another option in form of the distance learning programs which has given the people of India, every opportunity to fulfill their dreams which they had missed out earlier.

Another very big advantage is the reduced cost of pursing the course through the correspondence programs. The cost of doing the IGNOU distance MBA is in the range of a few thousand rupees which is also flexible in the dates of payments. People are required to pay the full course fee in installments. This allows the poor students, who are working to eke out a living and still are interested in pursuing a higher education, to continue their education and pay the fees easily.

After the enrollment process is over, the students are issued the course materials which they can study at their own convenience and be prepared to appear in the semester exams, the tentative dates of which are previously mentioned in the syllabus. For the ICFAI distance MBA also, the flexibility of the fee structure and the dates for appearing the exams are good features that provide the students an opportunity to study at the convenience. Although these courses are made up of the same study pattern and a similar style of exams, the total study course can also be extended to some more months with a maximum of 4 years in all.

This is something that has given the students a lot of freedom in their routine work, without the need to hurry through the course. Ideally but, the course should be finished within the provided time as the prospects would then beckon the students after getting through their degrees. Another very popular course is the Symbiosis distance MBA which can be done through the Symbiosis Institutes in Pune. Students can take admissions in the variety of management courses in these institutes and study on their own with the materials provided and appear for the exams when conducted.

The materials are provided by these distance learning institutes, the moment the fees for the said period is paid. Students can then continue their studies and do their assignments in time. Whenever required, they would have to attend a few classes in the regional centres that are mentioned in the prospectus of the IGNOU distance MBA. These are some of the flexibilities that the students can enjoy when they decide to take admissions in the institutes in India that provide the distance learning programs in MBA.

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