4 Characteristics Of ICSE Schools In Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad That Distinct Them From Others

Published: 06th March 2012
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When parents are faced with a situation where they need to choose the schools for their kids, they do a lot of observations and seek information. The type of schools, the environment, teachers, curriculum, and the format of studies are the usual topics which are taken into consideration to judge a school. The criteria which fit the wishes of many parents are fulfilled by the ICSE schools which are being set up in increasing numbers in different parts of the country.
It is the wish of every parent that their children should be able to talk and write in English with a good standard. This is helpful in the future years since in most places these days, English has become a common language of communication. Realising the importance of such knowledge, the ICSE schools in cities like Hyderabad, Chennai & Bangalore are trying to inculcate a sense of improvement in the studies. There are certain characteristics that have helped the ICSE schools rise up the ladder of popularity these days. These features are being stressed upon by the schools in different parts of the country.

- Wholesome education in formative years is an essentiality, which is catered to by the ICSE schools in Chennai. When students take admissions in these schools in Chennai, they are provided with the independence to be creative in their studies. The basic aim is to provide wholesome education where the students learn their lessons and also are encouraged to understand them. They are taught that there is knowledge beyond the books also, although books are to be studied first. The quest for knowledge and information is tried to be kindled in the young minds so that they try to learn as many things as possible.

- English speaking is one of the best features of the ICSE schools in Bangalore, where the children are encouraged to communicate with their teachers and classmates in English. Not only the written English is required to be good, but the spoken language also needs to be fluent in English. This allows the students in the ICSE schools in Bangalore to be competent in the language, thereby allowing them to cultivate their skills in speaking and writing.

- Competent teachers are a must in the school level education because it is their guidance which moulds the mindset of the children. At school level, the teachers are the people who are spending a major part of the day with the kids. Their influence on the school children is tremendous. It is with them and their company that the young children are able to learn many things. Therefore the ICSE schools in Hyderabad make it a point to have the best teachers in their schools so that their effect is fruitful for the children in the long run.

- Study related assignments are a regular feature in the ICSE schools in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. These class works and home works are important for the kids as they study and learn a lot about their subjects in an easy way. Solving assignments on their own creates confidence in the children and they develop a constructive perspective about their studies.

These characteristics have established the ICSE schools as the best schools in the country. The popularity of these institutions has increased over the years because they maintain a high standard of education and encourage the kids to work on their own. Apart from developing their English language skills, other subjects are also made interesting for the children, so that they find it easy to pursue education in colleges.

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